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Gold Silver Sales – Top Dealers in Vintage Sterling Silver Items

Gold Silver Sales is an expert antique silver buyers offering customers the unique opportunity to sell precious sterling silver at the highest prices. Visit us & sell any antique silver items that has been lying around with you.

We know exactly how to price such items, having dealt with a huge variety through hundreds of sales. Our staff members are experts in antique silver assessment and will give an accurate value that reflects the real worth of the item. Call us now and fix an appointment to get an assessment done on precious antique silver items so that you can sell them at the best price.

Sell Beautiful And Rare Sterling Silver Items To Us And Get High Returns!

We are trusted, reliable and experienced antique silver buyers who have dealt with various intricately carved antique silver items over the past decades. So, if you have been searching for a reputable sterling silver buyer or where to sell antique silver, call us right now.

We buy antique silver at the highest price, offering excellent returns to clients who wish to no longer keep the item with them due to inability to maintain it or need for instant cash. Our staff understand the needs of clients perfectly. We arrange for a quiet sale, so that the item or collection can be sold discreetly and at an honest price, giving the client good returns.

We are a family-owned business that was established in 1972, and over the past decades we have earned a reputation for providing the best deals on antique silver to clients. Those who have sold precious vintage sterling silver items or collections to us come from various parts of the country and have given us some of the most unique and antiquated items. Our company offers the highest cash value because we offer the best customer service and want our clients to get the maximum returns.

We are a premier company dealing in gold, silver and fine jewelry made from precious metals in the Tampa Bay area. We are an authorized dealer, with a license and are trusted and reliable with years of experience in this industry. Our company is a BBB member with good standing and an A+ rating, so rest assured that by coming to us you will get an honest evaluation, one that is based on the intrinsic value of the item. Our quote is a reflection of the real worth of the item because we feel that such items have a value that is based on various assessment factors. Hence, we give clients an honest pricing that is reflective of the real worth of the antique item or collection that they want to sell.

Our hallmark is the way in which we service our clients and we are known for our friendly, courteous service. Clients, who have come to us, connect with our expert staff through which they find so many details about the antique silver item or collection they are selling. We offer instant cash right-away after the sale, ensuring that clients are able to meet their financial obligations. Contact us now and fix a FREE Appointment in which we offer a NO OBLIGATION verbal assessment.

Our company also offers the means to sell silver online at the highest price, so if you have some items to sell, send us an image via email so that we can look at it and make an assessment to send you a quote. Through this process, you will be able to sell and get a price for the item or collection that needs to be sold, but without having to move out of the home.

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