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A complete guide to US nickel coins-Must know Facts!

Once upon a time, it was the era of World War II (1942–1945). To meet the demand for gold and silver coins, a 5-cent coin was produced. At that time, the US mint produced an alloyed coin that was composed of silver, copper, and manganese. The main reason to mint nickel coins was to meet the overflowing needs of the country.

However, in today’s time, the 5 cent rare coin is minted with 75% copper and only 25% nickel. This was somehow misleading because there was a higher amount of copper than nickel. That is why the coin should actually be named "copper coin.” Right, isn’t it? Also, in history, the first nickel was produced at 3 cents in 1865. And after a few years, the five-cent coin came into existence at the US mint. The interesting historical story that was hidden somewhere unknown to mankind is now revealed.

To shed light on the other topics, continue reading the article to learn more!

Different Types of US Nickel Coins

1. Liberty Head V nickels

From the years 1900–1913, "V" nickels were produced and became the most expensive coin in that era. Although there are a few errors and deceptions that sometimes devalue it, at the same time, those errors also make the Liberty Head Nickels rarest and most valuable.

2. Jefferson Nickles

Introduced in 1938, Jefferson nickel coins aren’t very valuable. But it can be a wise investment for the newbie who just started taking an interest in collecting old coins. Meanwhile, its production came to an end in the year 1964, so due to its limited edition, you can get a good amount of cash. Also, to restart the production in 1965, late Jefferson coins are still being produced in current times as well.

3. Shield Nickels

The US-minted nickel coin dated back to 1866–1883 has no face, i.e., portrait, and is printed with a big "5" surrounded by stars on the reverse side of the coin. There were only 16 coins produced with a unique identity, which became more interesting for their rarity. The inspiringly designed nickel is worth more and is considered to be highly valuable.

4. Buffalo nickels

Last but not least, the most popular coin type has a limited existence in the coin industry. However, due to its buffalo portrait, the idea was unfit for the mint, so only a few were produced. From 1913 to 1938, the coin type was circulated and remained a historical piece. As per its portrait, it can be devalued, but if the grade is higher, then the buffalo old nickel coin value gets upscaled.

How Much Are Nickels Worth?

  • The worth of Buffalo nickels is between $13 and $67, which has exceeded up to $8000 for unciculated ones in today’s time.
  • The worth of shield nickels is between 25 cents and 35 cents, which are divided and valued as the market value of the different years.
  • The worth of early and late Jefferson nickels is 25 cents, which depends upon the condition.
  • The worth of the Liberty Head nickel coin is nearly $400, and when in pristine condition, it can increase up to $2000.


So, this is the complete guide, in which I’ve covered every piece of required information about 5 cent nickel coins. Therefore, if you have any of these collections in your attic, contact us! We can help you value your coins through an antique coin appraisal and offer you the right price for the pieces.

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