“Fool’s Gold”- An Interesting Fact to Uncover about the Universe trick

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“Fool’s Gold”- An Interesting Fact to Uncover about the Universe trick

DAMN!!! Now what’s this? Is it something that will eventually replace gold? HAHA! Ofcourse not. Then what is it? A fool’s gold is a mineral that sometimes looks like gold and can trick us. Yes, this is true.

In ancient times, many people, including a few professional jewelers and gold silver buyers and collectors, used to get tricked with this invisible gold. They used to think they'd got a jackpot, i.e., a real deal. But, unfortunately, they only received imitations.

You must be waiting to know which mineral actually mimics the look of gold, which is a trick of the universe. The wait is over. Scroll down to reveal the tricky mineral...

Table of Contents

  • What’s fool’s gold?
  • Healing properties
  • Use of fool’s gold?
  • Worth of pyrite?
  • Conclusion

What’s fool’s gold?

It’s a nickname given to a naturally occurring mineral called "PYRITE." The name "pyrite" is derived from the Greek word "pyrite lithos," which means a stone that, when struck with metal, emits sparks, i.e., fire. Anciently, Spain was the biggest producer of pyrite, and recently, from many years ago, Italy, China, Russia, and Peru are the largest producers.

Furthermore, If talking about the chemical composition of fool’s gold is FeS2, i.e., iron sulfide,

Healing properties of pyrite

It also has a great healing power, which is much valued for its robust protection from negative energies and pollution. Furthermore, it is important to understand that it promotes physical health and strengthens the will power and mind.

What is the use of fool’s gold?

This mineral is widely used in the paper industry to produce sulfuric oxide. Also, it used to produce sulfuric acid for the chemical and fertilizer industries, which is a by-product of the oil and gas industry. In ancient times, it was used by Native Americans as a mirror by polishing it.

What’s the value of pyrite?

In the current market, the price of iron sulfide is $0.30–$0.65 per carat. A well-cut and polished pyrite gemstone costs $5-$8 per carat.

Wrapping Up!

So, those are the facts about fool's gold, which appears to be gold but is not. So, next time, be attentive and follow some useful steps to identify whether you've got real gold or have just been fooled. Additionally, they cannot be identified by naked eyes. So, not to fall into the trap, it’s better to get it appraised by an experienced gemologist or precious metal appraiser.

Thus, now we’re shining off and will come back soon with new topics that are unknown to you. We'll meet you soon with a new blog post. SAYONARA until then.

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