How To Identify You've Owned An Authentic Rolex Watch?

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How To Identify You've Owned An Authentic Rolex Watch?

“O no! I found my luxury Rolex watch to be fake; I got tricked.” :(

Finding such people who’ve fallen into the trap of purchasing an unauthentic timepiece for thousands of dollars is seen often nowadays.

You don’t want to be in that category and lose your money. Right? To save you all from such counterfeit scams, we’ve prepared a complete guide with some discussion with a luxury watch buyer to help you find the sign of a fake in a Rolex timepiece.

Let’s proceed further and learn what you need to know...

Identification Check!

It is always recommended by a local luxury watch dealer that before buying something precious or less precious, one should do research in order to be safe from getting scammed. Let’s have an overview of the checklist we’ve penned down for you...

1. Serial number

The serial number of a Rolex luxury timepiece is 6–8 characters and located near the rehaut or behind the bracelet exactly at 6 o'clock. Check the right placement and match it with the document provided with the watch. Fake luxury watch stores in nearby areas sometimes change the letter or number of the serial number. So, make sure to research each model number Rolex has produced till date.

2. The logo

The real Rolex watch has its logo on the top of the dial. The crown logo is of such high quality that it seems to be original, and the fake logo carving is visible with glue residue or misalignment. Also, after the year 2002, Rolex started carving a very small logo that cannot be seen with the naked eye; you need a magnifying glass to find the crown. If you can see the crown clearly with your naked eyes on your vintage watch, be sure it’s totally a fake product.

3. Case back

The metal case back of the watch is completely made of metal, and no parts are visible. If you see inside parts clearly visible from the back case, you should close the deal and walk away from the store.

4. Movements

Rolex authentic watches have very unique and fine movements. It cannot be replicated because it’s very expensive to replicate. Also, such timepiece movements are automatic.

5. Sound

Remember to open your ears and listen to whether the movements are making a tickling sound or not. Make sure Rolex timepieces movements never make sound, i.e., pin-drop silence.

6. Date window

A luxury watch has a date display window inside its dial. Remember, when you see with a magnifying glass, it zooms in 2.5x. In addition, there’s no misprint or clumsiness, just high-quality standard vibes. Such a high-quality look also comes from the complete parts, design, and style of the watch.

Still Confused? Contact A Trusted Luxury Watch Appraiser!

If you’re still confused and unable to find the aforementioned identification checks, it’s better to get connected to a vintage watch appraiser nearby. They investigate the watch very carefully and make you understand by highlighting the counterfeit signs in your timepiece.

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