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How to photograph your antiques for online appraisal?

As the generation is transforming it’s also bringing new and innovative ways to make every complex stuffs easy & quickly. An era of digital world that brings every industry to run their business smoothly & connecting to vast customers just by operating from one place. Similarly, an antique shop which proposes both in-person and online appraisal service completely utilizes digital era benefits.

Additionally, many antique businesses shares an easy ways to get an online evaluation of your antiques i.e., sending HD quality photos & detailed information via communication platforms. Now the question arises here is; how can you take a photograph which enables appraiser identify everything seamlessly? Continue reading the article to find out the bestest ways...

1. Take a high resolution camera

The first and foremost thing you need for taking photographs of your antique is high-resolution camera. If you don’t have a separate camera, you can have your phone’s camera, which takes crystal clear pics.

2. Background

De-clutter the background of your room where you’re clicking photographs. It is because, a clear background always let appraiser to focus on the antique & seems to be professional.

3. Lightning effects

Remember, not every antiques can be clicked in a light or dark effect. For example, silver or platinum precious metal antiques reflects light. So, silver tea sets can be photographed in dark room and with flashlight & 30 degree angle.

This trick ensure detailed portion of the silverware can be seen easily & passed for appraisal. And, glass decorative items can be clicked in great outdoor light.

Rest, make an analysis & try which effect suits the best, then click the high-quality images.

4. Take closer shots

To identify the condition, origin, hall marks, history, & rarity, take a closer snaps of the markings like hallmark, date & place of invention, & etc. Take as many pictures of every edge of the antique collection to ensure you recieve right and premium amount.

5. Make notes

After taking images, try to make notes of the old piece. Mention everything you know about it including scratches, origin, age, quality, what it is made up of, previous appraisal report(if any), and other information which gonna allow appraiser identify its real worth and mention right details on the appraisal report.

So, these were the 5 steps and ways to take a high quality images which makes an antique appraiser easy to recognize the points that helps in quoting the right price.

In essence, the above-mentioned photography techniques are suitable for every types of antique items including, militaria, paintings, stamps, furnitures, coins, watches, silverware, statues, ceramics, kitchenware, & all other ancient pieces in the world.

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