Selling Gold and Silver: 4 Rules for Dealing with Antique Buyers

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Selling Gold and Silver: 4 Rules for Dealing with Antique Buyers

The beauty of gold and silver can be entrancing. When it is used to make jewelry, flatware and other decorative items, that beauty is an artform. When it is used to make coins, it can represent the dream of wealth. If you have gold or silver to sell, you naturally want to be sure that you get the most money possible. That means dealing with gold silver buyers. It might seem like that could be intimidating. You have something that seems valuable but you aren’t sure exactly how valuable. You have to look for the best gold silver buyers and rely on their professional knowledge. So, the question becomes, what is the best way to deal with the antique buyers that are interested in your gold and silver items. In this article we will look at four rules for dealing with antique buyers.

Rule #1- Check out the reputation of your gold silver buyer.

If you want to get a fair price for your gold or silver, you have to trust that you have found one of the best gold silver buyers. You can always execute a web search like, “Places that buy silver near me.” That will certainly get you plenty of results. Some dealers will obviously be better than others. To protect your interests, you should do your homework. Check out your dealer’s reputation online, with other dealers, and other customers. Look at how long they have been in business and how much experience they have. Consider whether they specialize in the type of gold or silver item that you are selling. Once you know you can trust them, making a deal becomes easier and more profitable.

Rule #2- Do your homework.

Before you start the process of selling your gold and silver you should education yourself. The more you know about your gold and silver, the more you will be in a position of power when selling it. Do your research on the current value of gold and silver. Do your research on the age, provenance, and value of your item. The best estate jewelry buyers know their stuff. When it comes time to go through with a sale, the best gold silver buyers will work will be work with you and help you understand the value of your piece but you can help yourself by knowing the value of what you are selling.

Rule #3 Expect to Gold Silver Buyers to Offer 25% to 50% Off the Retail Price.

When you have researched the best place to buy antiques and done your homework about the value of the item, you will walk into the dealer with a pretty good idea of current market value of your item. What you may not expect is that gold silver buyers typically offer 25% to 50% less than market value. This is to be expected because they overhead. Also, because they are providing the service of a quick sale at a fair price. They, in turn, sometimes have to wait for some time before they find a buyer for the gold or silver item they bought from you.

Rule #4- Be prepared to haggle.

As you probably already sense, selling valuable gold and silver items is not like walking into a store to buy a pair of jeans. While you might not be accustomed to haggling over the price of ordinary things, you can always expect to go back and forth on the price of things of value, like gold and silver. You probably have some experience with this if you have gone through the process of buy or selling a car. Don’t be intimidated! If you are knowledgeable about you gold and silver items and know your value, you can ask for a good price. Gold silver buyers are used to haggling and expect it!

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