What Is Rose Gold? A Delightful Combination Of Rare Metals

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What Is Rose Gold? A Delightful Combination Of Rare Metals

Rose gold, pink gold, red gold, russian gold—known by too many names. What is it, and where is it used? How do rose gold buyers look at it? Is it valauble? Relax; everything will be answered shortly.

So, before we start and end up knowing what the purpose of this blog post is, let’s uncover the treasure chest, blow away the dust from the history, and discover how it started.

The History of Rose Gold

It was first introduced by a jeweler named Carl Faberage in the 19th century. Then it was known as "Russian gold," and later in the 1920s it gained popularity in the United States and was worn by people as jewelry, especially engagement rings.

An interesting fact came into consideration: after seeing the popularity, Cartier started producing such fascinating jewelry that was made with rose gold and enhanced with diamonds and gemstones. What next? BOOM! The demand for pink gold touched the sky.

After taking a tour through the history, let’s uncover more things...

What Is Rose Gold, and What Is It Made Of?

Rose gold is a composition of rare metals, i.e., yellow gold and copper. Combining a balanced amount of pure gold and copper produces material that appears to have an alluring pink tint. It is made of 75% pure gold and 25% copper, which is considered to be 18K gold. The presence of copper makes it subtle and symbolizes love and affection that can be shown through a rose gold engagement ring.

Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

After using pink gold jewelry for a time, it may develop a patina, i.e., the outer area that produces due to the consistency of copper. As a result, no rose gold can ever tarnish.

Is rose gold hypoallergenic?

In some cases, Russian gold jewelry can be hypoallergenic, especially if you are allergic to alloyed metals. Excluding such conditions, it is not hypoallergenic, and you are safe and allergy-free to wear pinkish jewelry.

Difference Between Rose Gold And Yellow Gold?

The differences are the composition and the color, i.e., rose gold is pink in color and is composed of alloyed metals, pure gold, and copper (as mentioned above).

Yellow gold is the oldest precious metal in the world. It is yellow in color and composed of pure gold and silver. It is available in various weights and is the purest form of gold, i.e., 9K, 14K, 18K, and 24K. In 24K, there is no mixture of other alloyed metals.

What Is The Current Market Price Of Red Gold?

The price of precious metals fluctuates daily as per market demand. But recently it is $1300/ ounce. Also, when purchasing or selling rose gold, the price always differs when your jewelry consists of diamonds, gemstones, or is branded.

Now everything is answered from start to finish. Now you must have gained enough knowledge from this blog post. So, what to do next? Let us help you.

As compared to yellow gold, rose gold is less expensive, i.e., it is more affordable. Also, it has numerous benefits like no tarnishing, unique looking metal which can suit any skin tone, and is hypoallergenic. So, you can buy such rare precious metal jewelry, wear it for a longer timestamp without any hassle, and happily accessorize it with your matching attire.

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