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Being a renowned family run business, we also offer our services as gold buyers; we have been serving Florida since 1972. Gold Silver Sales pays the most cash for gold, and when selling gold jewelry, there is a no bigger OR better place than Gold Buyers Florida. If you are looking to sell gold and make some good cash, quit searching fr ‘gold buyers near me’ and give us a call!

Where can I sell my gold?

Don't wait and get selling with Antique gold buyers. Unlock the value of your old jewelry to get fast & instant cash. We provide you with an efficient, trusted, and reliable service. When you sell your gold to us, we ensure you always get the best price using the latest valuation technology.

If you have unused or broken, scrap gold jewelry lying in the corner of your cupboard just gathering dust, why not give it to the local gold buyers and use the money for your immediate needs. We can refine the gold ourselves so there is no middleman that will cut into your profits when selling gold so, we pay the most. As we know what gold is worth, we pay more.

We Buy Gold Jewelry

Sell your used, broken or unused scrap gold – We buy it all! Gold Silver Sales has served surrounding regions of Bradenton, Clearwater, Englewood, Belleair, Belleair Bluffs, Fort Myers, Longboat Key, Seminole, Naples, St. Pete, Pinellas, Orlando, Pasco, Port Charlotte, Tampa, Siesta Key, Venice and beyond since 1972.

Get a Free Jewelry Valuation When Selling Your Item

We test and weight the gold in your presence for a fair & transparent transaction that offers the most competitive prices. Regardless of the year, age, foreign or domestic, you can come with any piece of gold. We pay more than the gold’s market value for all estate jewelry. We buy gold bars and bullion, regardless of size and condition. We buy gold coins, regardless of its condition and year. Remember, selling gold when the time is right maximizes your payout.

Best Gold Buyer to Depend on Each Time

When you can’t reach out to meet a professional who can test your gold, take these non-invasive steps to test your gold at home: Use a magnet against your gold jewelry. If it gets attracted to the magnet, then it its fake because real gold is not magnetic. You can also weigh your gold on a calibrated jewelry scale or perform a Sink test by placing your gold in a bowl of water. Real gold is heavy, so it sinks right away.

Now is the right time to sell

Since the gold economy is always changing, always be on the lookout for the market value to get higher returns. This is the best time to sell gold. To determine the best time to sell your gold pieces, pay close attention to the trend and be sure to check online the current prices for gold.

Walk away with a fair price in a matter of minutes

We make selling your non-needed gold easy, safe, secure and fuss-free! Whether you have a question about our gold buying services, or are ready to power through a satisfying declutter, at Gold Silver Sales, we support you every step of the way. Give us a tingle, we are here to help!

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