Our Story

How it all began in 1972:

In 1972, Master Sergeant Art Arbutine retired from his 20-year service in the Air Force. He had been collecting British Crowns as a hobby and decided to turn it into a full-time profession. With the unwavering support of his wife, Patricia Arbutine, and their three sons, Greg, Chris, and Jay, he opened a small store named Belleair Coins in Belleair Bluffs, Florida. The family's deep-rooted commitment to the business was evident. Art's brother, Gil Arbutine, and nieces, Beth Arbutine Race and Kathy Arbutine Edwards, also become integral parts of the team. This was a testament to their loyalty and trust in the business.

Over the years, the business expanded its operations into other delicate art areas, such as jewelry, silverware, collectibles, and watches. Patricia Arbutine developed a keen interest in sterling flatware and hollowware from estates and realized that they were worth more than the family had previously sold them for as scrap. This realization led to the creation of The Silver Queen Inc., a new company that demonstrated its business acumen and foresight. Silver Queen Inc. specializes in specific types of sterling flatware and hollowware, offering honesty, integrity, and reliability. We provide free evaluations and appraisals. By diversifying our product offerings, we were able to cater to a broader customer base and increase revenue streams.

From 1978 to 1986:

Patricia Arbutine was driven by her entrepreneurial spirit and embarked on an aggressive buying and selling journey of sterling silver flatware. Initially, her clientele consisted of wholesalers. But soon, she expanded her reach by advertising nationally in 'The Antique Trader' and other magazines, marking the beginning of a firm retail and wholesale mail-order business. Customers, drawn to her passion and expertise, began seeking her and her right-hand person, Beth Arbutine Race, for assistance in matching their patterns and finding the missing pieces from their flatware services. One of our satisfied customers said: "Customer service is hands down excellent. Everyone greets you. I would highly recommend coming in to browse the store and visit them. Mention my name, please. Be sure to bring in your Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Coins, and more." This positive feedback is a testament to our commitment to excellent customer service and our ability to meet our customers' needs.

In 1983, a pivotal moment came for the company. The 1980 gold and silver rush, sparked by the Hunt Brothers, had created a surge in demand. We demonstrated adaptability by swiftly moving out of our cramped quarters to accommodate this growth. But we didn't stop there. We seized the opportunity and purchased the property next door, constructing a spacious 1,750-square-foot storefront. This strategic move was a testament to our commitment to meeting customer needs and marked a significant milestone in our journey, inspiring confidence in our ability to navigate market changes.

As demand surged in the 1980s, The Silver Queen Inc. swiftly moved out of its cramped quarters to accommodate growth. They seized the opportunity and purchased the property next door, constructing a spacious 1,750-square-foot storefront to meet customer needs. This expansion marked a significant milestone in their journey and instilled optimism about the future of their business.

1987 to 2002

In 1987, after graduating from the University of South Florida, Greg Arbutine joined two silver companies. He was appointed President and CEO of The Silver Queen Inc. in 1990. Greg's marketing skills, computerization, internet expertise, catalog designing, buying proficiency, enhancement inefficiencies, and delivery of excellent customer service were instrumental in helping the business grow. Between 1987 and 2002, the store experienced significant expansion and required more space. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. We take specific actions and initiatives to ensure that our customers receive the best products and services, and this commitment has been a critical driver of our growth and success.

During the 1990s, The Silver Queen Inc. produced several made-to-order sterling patterns in bulk orders of 200 or more exclusive settings. They marketed patterns such as Savannah, Florentine Lace, Debussy, Lion, Lancaster, and others. One such pattern, Savannah Sterling by Reed & Barton, was trendy. Our unique selling point is HONESTY, INTEGRITY & RELIABILITY, which sets us apart from our competitors and has been a critical driver of our success. This competitive advantage is a testament to our ability to anticipate market trends and meet our customers' evolving needs.

Our new building in year 2002

In 2002, after four years of planning, CEO Greg Arbutine and his partner Alan Johnson acquired an old AmSouth Bank building and developed building plans and a showroom layout. To finance the downpayment, they took personal loans. Finally, they relocated their businesses to their current location at 1350 West Bay Drive, Largo, FL. +

The move was a massive success for the companies, with the building's bold dome design becoming a local landmark. It was a satisfying accomplishment for them since they had a failed attempt at another property in Belleair Bluffs that didn't work out. The increased exposure and visibility of the building reduced their advertising needs, helping them save money in the long run. Additionally, the larger space and improved showroom layout enhanced the customer experience, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

2003 to Present:

Belleair Coins, Gold and Diamonds
Under the guidance of Greg's brothers, Chris and Jay Arbutine, Belleair Coins, Gold, and Diamonds grew from an annual sales figure of $4 million to an annual sales amount of between $30,000,000 - $50,000,000. The new building, a symbol of our progress and success, played a significant role in this growth by providing more credibility to the business in the community and a larger capacity for parking, which was especially needed during the gold rush days of 2007 to 2013 when metal prices skyrocketed. This achievement instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in our journey.

Moreover, Chris Arbutine was elected Mayor of Belleair Bluffs, Florida, during the gold rush. His 10,000-plus contacts and respected political clout significantly helped spread the word about the businesses. This indirect advertising and promotion type is essential to most successful business models and is something money cannot buy. Chris was also brilliant at overseeing the production of quirky local television commercials that have proven to bring in customers. Our marketing and advertising strategies are specific marketing and advertising strategies, which have been instrumental in our success. This proactive approach to business development reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and our vision for the future.