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Trusted & Reliable Antique Silverware Buyers

Gold Silver Sales is a reputable antique silverware dealer who offers the highest price for beautiful and intricately carved silver flatware. Over the years, we have built a reputation as buyers who can offer the best deal. Clients have come to us from the farthest corners of the country and have given us each the highest returns. So, call our experts and let them know that you want a silver flatware collection or perhaps a couple of pieces assessed. They will talk with you in detail about such items and give you information about their intrinsic worth based on which they give a quote.

Established in 1972, we have built a reputation for ourselves as dealers who know the client's needs and can satisfy them with a good deal. So, if you have precious, rare, vintage silver tea sets or trays to sell because they can no longer be maintained, come to us and get the deal you desire. Our staff knows about antique sterling silver items in-depth and have knowledge about such items such as their varieties, history, workmanship, and much more. So when they assess any item, they look into so many conditions so that it is evaluated accurately and an honest price is quoted to the client.

Where to sell vintage silverware?

Gold Silver Sales is a reputed dealer in vintage silverware items, having dealt with them for the past decades. We have over the years amassed some of the most precious items in silverware from clients who wanted an immediate sale because they were in need of cash. Many clients who came to us wanted a smooth and easy sale done right away because they had just inherited some antique silverware items or a collection but could no longer maintain them. We have them an honest appraisal, one that gives them good returns and manages a quick, hassle-free sale process.

Family Owned Business

Welcome to our family-owned business. We offer clients the deal that they have been searching for. Don’t go to a scrap metal dealer who’ll give you little to nothing for such a precious item. Come to us and check out our huge collection of antique silver flatware and other such items that we have amassed over the years. All of them are in pristine condition as we have taken care of them over the years. So, if you are looking for reputable silver tea set buyers, silver tray buyers, or sterling silver bowl buyers, call us right away and fix an appointment with our expert s! They will have a detailed talk with you about the item and will quote a price that is fair and reflective of the item’s real worth.

Gold Silver Sales offers a customized service wherein we look into exactly what the customer really wants from a sale. You can be rest assured that by coming to us, the deal desired can be gained as we give a quote based only on the intrinsic value of antique flatware. We are trusted and authorized dealers of antique silverware, and over the years we have amassed some of the most beautiful such items, paying clients the best price every time. Our clients always go back satisfied, such that many have come back to use us for the next deal.

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