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Why Belleair Coins? Welcome to our family-owned business, founded in 1972, Belleair Gold & Diamonds has established itself into the most trusted and reputable Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Diamond, Antique and Precious Metal buyer in the Tri-County area.

Our staff consists of some of the most knowledgeable and well-trained numismatists and jewelry experts in the country, including Gemological Institute of America graduate diamond gemologists. When you step into one of our stores or showrooms, you know that you’re going to be helped by the best of the best.

With the convenient location in Largo, Florida, as well known in the Tampa Bay Area, we’re proud to be able to serve our customers at their convenience.

Whether you’re interested in selling a specialty item or if you just want to be sure that you’re served at a timely fashion, you can make an appointment with one of our specialists. Walk-ins are welcome as well, but due to high demand for our service, appointments are preferred.

Pictured above: Chris and Greg Arbutine, the 2nd generation owners , with the Belleair Coins staff waiting to assist you with all of your needs.

We offer FREE Antique Evaluations & Antique Appraisals.

Please send us an email at info@goldsilversales.com.

In your e-mail, please include as much of the following as possible.

  • A High-Quality photo of your item (taken under natural light is best.)
  • A Description of the item/items. Include a physical description, and any historical knowledge you may have of it along with any information you can share about the item that will help us provide you an accurate evaluation/price of the item.
  • Please include your Phone number, City where the items are located, Your Zip Code.

We will reach out to you ASAP with more details.

Belleair Coins, Gold and Diamonds

Under the direction of Greg's brother: Chris Arbutine who is an expert in buying and marketing, they grew the jewelry and gold buying operations in the new building at Belleair Coins, Gold and Diamonds from a previous annual sales of 4 million per year to a now staggering annual sales amount of between $30,000,000 - $50,000,0000 per year. The new building was huge factor in the increases and gave the business a lot more credibility in the community and also enabled a larger capacity for parking which was especially needed in the gold rush days of 2007 to 2013 when the metals prices sky-rocketed.

It also didn't hurt that in this same time period of the gold rush, Chris Arbutine became the Mayor of Belleair Bluffs, Florida which is only one mile from the store and with his 10,000 plus contacts and respected political clout, this really got the word of mouth out there about the businesses which is the kind of indirect advertising and promotion that money can't buy and is essential to almost any successful business model. Chris was also a genius at overseeing the production of our local quirky Television commercials that have proven to bring in the customers.