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Best Practices To Sell Gold For Maximum Profit

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a fable of fabulous wealth that we all wish was true. Imagine being able to stumble on a hidden cache of gold. Some people may already have something like that pot of gold. It might be gold bullion or coins. It might be silver coins. It might be fine gold or silver jewelry. Gold silver buyers are always looking for new coins or pieces of jewelry and willing to pay handsomely for it. However, before sell gold or silver, you will want to put yourself in the best position to maximize your profit. In this article we will explore the best practices to follow to sell gold for maximum profit.

Antique gold buyers like gleaming gold

Before you go to sell gold and silver, clean it yourself or have it professionally cleaned. Appearances count for a lot when selling precious metals. Antique gold dealers will pay more for gold or silver coins or jewelry that is in good condition. So, polish up that gold and silver. See if any dings or scratches will buff out, or at least be less conspicuous. You will receive a better offer with buffed and polished gold and silver. A word of caution- if you clean your gold or silver yourself, make sure to non-abrasive cleaners designed for gold and silver. You should also extract any precious gems from your gold or silver jewelry before taking them to antique gold dealers. Most dealers aren’t interested in them and you can sell them separately.

Have an Appraisal Done First

An appraisal is done by an experienced appraiser. An appraiser will establish the value of your gold. They will consider many factors when determining value. These factors include the condition of the item, whether it bears a manufacturer’s mark, the provenance, how rare it is, and (perhaps above all) how much demand there is for the item among gold silver buyers. Getting an expert opinion on the value of your gold and silver will put you a position to get the best possible price.

Be Cautious and Avoid Price Bubbles

Like any other market, the market for gold and silver is subject to fluctuations and “price bubbles.” Prices are determined by supply and demand. How many coins of a particular type are out there? How many buyers are there for gold and silver? Gold silver buyers are very aware of the supply and demand for their commodities. If they suddenly discover, for example, that a there is a new influx of a particular type, sharply raising the number of available coins or jewelry of that type, then a price bubble will burst. The value of the metal will plummet. Alternatively, a sudden rise in demand will inflate the value of the metal. You should analyze the current market value of gold and silver in order to sell at the best time.

Sell Gold and Silver with the Professionals

There are a lot of avenues online these days for selling anything, including gold and silver. You could use websites like that, particularly for less expensive, smaller items, but going to professional gold silver buyers represents your best chance to get the highest price in return for your gold and silver. At, we have a team on knowledgeable professionals who have the skill and contacts to get you the best price for your gold and silver. We have been selling gold and silver since 1972 and we will use our experience for you. Contact us to today to sell gold and silver for maximum profit.

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