Silver Coins

U.S. Common Silver Coins

The most popular and beautiful designs of US common silver coins are the best ones ever minted by the United States. The eagle coins are silver clad and silver dollars. Canadian and Mexican silver coins consist of the highest volume of pure silver material. Belleair coins is a store with a large coin collection. There is no shortage of these valuables. Whatever your choice is, we can offer you full honesty and integrity. Here are a few of them, which are described by their silver consistency and their appearance.

40% Silver-Clad Half Dollar Coins
Only from 1965-1969 were US 40% Silver-Clad Half Dollar coins minted. 40% silver clad was not that popular compared to silver coins. The clad of the half-dollar contains 0.1479 ounces of silver, and the silver content of a 1964 Kennedy half-dollar is 0.36169 ounces. A $1,000 face bag of clad contains a minimum of 295 ounces of silver; a $1,000 face bag of 1964 Kennedy contains 723 ounces of silver. The 40% silver-clad is also known as "junk silver". US 40% silver-clad coins have one benefit over 90% silver coins. They can be easily purchased at a discount on the spot, whereas 90% silver coins have been sold at premiums to their silver content for several years.

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U.S. Silver Dollars
The US silver dollars are minted by the United States in the form of gold, silver, and base metal forms. The dollar coin has a face value of one US silver dollar. And silver dollars have $1.00 of face value and are 90% pure silver. The first minting of silver dollars was done in the year 1794. In the annual commemorative coin program, a silver dollar was produced by the United States Mint. The printed designs on the silver dollar's surface are Seated Liberty, flowing hair, and the Draped Burst, which enhance the beauty of the silver dollar.

One Ounce Silver Eagle Coins
One ounce in American terms silver coins are guaranteed by the United States government for the coin's originality and weight. The coins contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The minting of these American coins became the best coins. The front face of the coin is printed with a landing eagle design, and the back face is printed with an eagle with a shield, giving a sign of strength and endurance.

Canadian Silver Coins
The most in-demanded Canadian silver coins were produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Other than the silver coins, the mint produced a very alluring design of maple leaves, which is the best example of creation. The Canadian Mint minted around 1 billion silver bullion coins for people around the world.

Mexican Silver Coins
In 1535, the Mexican Mint was established, which is the mint in America. The composition of 99.9% silver or gold in every modern coin, which are available in many diameters and weights, was originated in Mexico by the mint. Mexican Silver Liberated coins consist of 1 or 2 oz of silver material.